Solar Mapping Tool Leaps into View

At a time when salespeople and installers are experiencing high volumes of enquiries across Australia for solar quoting, SolarPlus has extended its design and quoting software tools with their RoofMap in what many are describing as a timely release.

The RoofMap tool supports fast and accurate sizing of solar on any rooftop or freestanding array in the one piece of software, and combines system sizing and roof layout in a seamless experience for those creating quotes.

With imagery options extending from satellite to photo maps to drone or imported map imagery, RoofMap offers unparalleled flexibility to users.

Solar Roof Mapping using high resolution Drone image

Simplicity at the nexus of a complex problem

A key challenge in solar system sizing is being able to match customers’ energy consumption with the potential capacity of their rooftop.

RoofMap rises to this challenge with a unique approach to mapping system arrays onto roof surfaces, auto-populating surfaces in a single move.

SolarPlus Director, Laurie Kane, explained the need for fast quote turnaround.

“As any sales person knows, being the first to provide a solar quote is THE best strategy for winning a job. Research has shown that quotes received within 5 minutes are 50% more likely to be successful. And with RoofMap, that’s now possible.

“Our goal here is to integrate a number of actions – that up until now have involved on-site measurements, graphics and mapping software, and often spreadsheets of equations – to help solar sales teams create their quotes quickly, getting quotes out the door before the competition.

“It’s a constant work in progress as we’re aiming to eliminate every possible mouse click to make it the fastest and most user efficient process available. “

Map Accuracy Key to Offsite Quoting

As well as a means to excite potential solar buyers with a mockup of their installed solar panels, it provides a much improved way to size arrays, racking, check access conditions and plan work.

In addition to the panel layout tool, SolarPlus has added the option to use high resolution photo maps to enhance the measurement process.

Photo maps offer a much better orthogonal view than regular satellite mapping systems, so that roof geometry becomes much more discernable, measureable, as well as enhancing a quote with sharp consistent image quality.

The high-resolution map imagery provides the ultimate finishing polish to help close a solar sales deal.

One of South Australia’s experienced installers and trainers, Stephen Zilm, gave RoofMap the thumbs up for accuracy.

“What surprised me was how much more accurate we could get with fitting panels.”

“I’ve got to hand it to you guys – the first system I created with RoofMap was spot on when I went out to do the site assessment. You have nailed it.”

Satellite map imagery with RoofMapSatellite map imagery with RoofMap

Intercontinental Tech Team

SolarPlus brought in some international programming talent to create the intricate graphics and usability aspects RoofMap needed.

“For this challenge we knew we needed that rare combination of skills in both computing and creative problem-solving,” says Kane.

“We pulled together a team spread out across the US, Australia and Vietnam with some creative freestyle programmers alongside highly-focussed logic scaffolding capabilities for this job.”

After a long period of R&D, the results are in.

“Can’t fault the RoofMap layout tool. Absolutely awesome!”, says Jason Sharam of Linked Solar Solutions in Cairns.

Eye in the Sky

Solar design with drone roof imagery

Solar Roof Mapping using high resolution Drone image

Glen Morris, Director at SolarPlus and Vice-President of the Australian Solar Council, is a man with an unparalleled passion for green tech.

Those who follow Glen’s exploits will be familiar with the excitement of each new discovery and his enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge in many teaching forums.

Glen’s latest interest takes a leap into cloud data and low elevation flight.

“ I found a great synergy between SolarPlus and new drone image capture technologies now available at an very accessible price to installers.

“In two or three minutes an automated flight path from takeoff to landing gives you about time to drink your morning coffee.

“The high res maps are stitched together by an app like DroneDeploy and soon you have it uploaded into SolarPlus to finalise the layout and your quote has stunning imagery to wow your customer.”

Step Up to a Revolution in Solar+Storage Modeling

SolarPlus’ RoofMap upgrade is the latest release in a software platform that has been progressing with the industry for five years, but it is just a taste of bigger things to come.

In the coming weeks, the most expansive leap forward will come when SolarPlus launches its battery and consumption modeling solution in their Version 3 release.

With the energy market rapidly pivoting towards solar storage, the team at SolarPlus are confident they have a game changing solution ready to service this burgeoning market – roll on V3.

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