SolarPlus News and Product Updates 29/09/2021

SolarPlus Version 4.5.1 Release

We’ve released a range of enhancements this week to broaden your sales and install capabilities. Check out the updates below.

  • Finance Plans – adds your finance offers in the backend for easy addition to a quote
  • Scale peak and off-peak consumption – rebuild a load profile with a percentage of consumption to match a client’s bills
  • Off-grid savings reports – updated diesel displacement and grid comparison reporting of savings
  • Downloadable chart data – monthly and lifetime charts are now downloadable in image or XLS format
  • Contact form update – transitions new contact form to V4 format
  • V4 upgrade button – enables businesses to switch instantly to V4 workflow
  • Address field resolution – resolves problems with address entry
  • System Package sorting – orders the list of System Packages in the map view
  • MetroMap layer history – adds photomaps from past image capture
MetroMap layer history - adds photomaps from past image capture
  • Add 1-click V4 upgrade – adds a button for upgrade to Version 4 workflow (V3 remains accessible on each quote)
  • Off-grid generator runtime – calculates monthly and annual generator runtime
  • Consumption-Production chart update – included on Reports page with genset supply and genset runtime
  • V4 Documentation – Version 4 Help Centre
  • Assignment of contacts – assign contact (leads) to customer reps in bulk
  • Design mounting quantity fix – adds back user-defined mounting quantity
  • Load profile date fix – resolves occasional date issue due to daylight savings
  • Removes delete function for sales
  • Fix for inventory supplier & purchased item option
  • Onboarding samples for new businesses – added sample data fast user onboarding

You can also visit SolarPlus User Guide where you will find many instructions, tips and tricks for working efficiently with SolarPlus. New V4 video tutorials are being added regularly. You will find loads of videos and support articles to help you navigate and manage your SolarPlus platform. 

Visit the V4 Help Centre.

CEC requirements and Terms and Conditions

Please note that we do not make any changes to your terms and conditions unless expressly requested. Do not expect T&Cs to be updated automatically, please make a request if you want this updated.


  • NEW V4 widgetised reports page – support for custom layout of reporting metrics and charts
  • Comparison proposals – side-by-side presentation of proposals for online comparison and selection by your customers!

Contact us and get ready to transform your business with the next generation solar CRM, quoting & documentation software. 

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