SolarPlus News and Product Updates 30/09/2021

We’re releasing some much-requested features to help you work smarter with SolarPlus.

What’s New

1. Compact ‘Pop’ Proposal

This new library proposal template reduces the amount of information presented to customers to two pages. The proposal still covers off on all the essential data required for compliance and has a new header look to help it pop! An important improvement in this proposal also is the automated switching between solar and solar+storage quotes without you having to consider it.

Finance options are included were added to a quote. Remember all proposals can be duplicated and customised by any web developer – make yours unique and stand out!

Compact Pop Proposal

2. Google Calendar Scheduling

You can now view all of your team calendars within SolarPlus so check on availability and manage your scheduling without leaving SolarPlus.

The Install Manager provides a powerful way to track every step of the install process, with tariff lights to see tasks that are In progress or Complete, and schedule appointments of tasks for every one of these items.

All calendar views support easy adding and editing of events.

3. Order and Invoices

When a prospect accepts your quote, you can now automatically generate an order for that quote. This order remains in place until your set date for conversion to an invoice.

This means the process is automated and you don’t have to worry about GST on the invoice being due before the time of the installation.

Product Updates

  • Sales Report updates – the sales report now includes rejected leads per month along with an option to switch Year-to-date reporting from fiscal year to calendar year
  • New Compact proposal – a short form proposal template to simply the information for customers. Features dynamic switching between solar or solar+storage systems.
  • Google calendar widget update – Adds an interactive calendar on the Dashboard, Contact CRM page and Install Manager Dashboard
  • Google Calendar team view – allows selection of any of your team calendars to see availability and schedule appointments
  • Contacts CSV Export – exported CSV for contacts now includes ‘reject reason’ as well as the SolarPlus Contact ID
  • System Upgrade brochures fix – resolves the issue where brochures for components marked ‘existing’ were being attached in the proposal
  • Generator cost modelling fix – resolves a recent release bug of chart view of generator output for off-grid proposals
  • Currency fix – resolves an issue where incorrect currency was showing
  • Optimiser on quote fix – fixes an error where optimisers were not being correctly updated on the quote items list when an optimiser was replaced


  • Resolves an issue where AC cable data was overwritten when sitemap icons were positioned
  • Converts chart values in Monthly Energy Chart from month total to daily average kWh values.
  • Resolves an issue where surface pitch with decimals would cause map data saving to fail


  • Adds quantity control to All-in-one battery product items
  • Resolves several issues with Xero sync and adds option to turn off payment sync completely
  • Update to quote line item rounding to mirror the Xero behaviour
  • Add Finance Plan update to Manager user role capabilities
  • Resolves an issue where surface pitch with decimals would cause map data saving to fail

Drop us a line if you’d like to improve on your sales proposal and we’ll help you get this underway.

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