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Commercial Solar Design Software

Commercial Solar Design Software

Powerful design and modelling software for the most demanding C&I projects

SolarPlus commercial solar design software provides C&I teams with ultra-flexible design matched with powerful energy and financial modelling capabilities to produce the most detailed and customised proposals quickly and with industry best-practice standards.

Powerful, flexible design

With SolarPlus, commercial solar and storage design comes with best practice compliance guidelines built-in to support fast and informed decisions with even the most complex designs. 


Quickly assess system sizing with support for a broad range of commercial panel layout solutions including row-to-row shade analysis.


High-resolution mapping options and panel rendering make it easy to produce stunning 3D visualisation that will inspire and excite your customers. 

Industry leading energy & financial modelling

SolarPlus V5 performance engine offers unparalleled simulation of solar, storage, & smart energy options to give you the greatest flexibility for assessing the best combination of solutions to meet your customer’s needs. 


Support comes for almost any design, on-grid or off-grid, and includes detailed analysis of energy, demand charges, as well as carbon emissions reduction so that you can build the best case for return on investment and lifetime payback.


The Smart Energy Simulator allows you to add load shifting, EV charging and energy arbitrage, providing the most powerful modern electrification reporting available anywhere.

Fully customisable proposals

You know how important it is for your presentation to uniquely reflect your brand and your selling proposition in order to close deals. SolarPlus commercial solar design software comes with complete flexibility in the way you present solar & storage proposals.


Generate compelling PDF proposal variations to meet the requirements of particular jobs or customer types, or present in an online format with side-by-side comparison proposals that help maximise your conversion rates.


Job scheduling & tracking

Ensure nothing is missing in your sales or install workflows with end-to-end solar CRM tracking of all customer touchpoints.

solar cell IV curve modelling

Accurately compare performance between panels and design scenarios with an advanced solar cell IV curve algorithm

Complete compliance workflow

Fully automated SLD creation, job packs, job safety analysis, and handover system manuals to keep your operation lean and maximise profits.

Comprehensive sales reports

Track solar sales by sales representative and quote status, report on cashflow projections and full sales history.

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