SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Off-Grid

Solar CRM

Solar CRM software

Powerful solar CRM software for solar installers

From initial enquiry right through to design, sign-off and installation; SolarPlus is the most complete and advanced solar CRM software. 

solar system design software
Super-charged performance engine

Demonstrated to new customers detailed energy modelling with the SolarPlus Supercharged Performance Engine. When combined with side-by-side quote comparisons you have the ability to high-light the performance of different PV systems and give your customers the best options.

Smart Energy Simulator

With the newly released Smart Energy Simulator in Version 5, solar system designs now have the ability to model not just solar pv and batteries, but also hot water pumps, load shifting and EV smart chargers.

Quick Quote Workflow

For many solar businesses, it’s all about the speed of which your team can respond to enquiries. The SolarPlus Quick Quote Workflow means your team can generate a new design and proposal within minutes.

Fully-customisable proposals

Never fear having your proposals look line one of your competitors, SolarPlus proposals are 100% customisable to suit your brand and how you like to present information. 

And with side-by-side presentation of multiple system options, you will giving your customers the best options to suit their needs.

From residential to commercial

Our Solar Sales CRM is built for the fast generation of quality quotes and proposals, but with recent speed improvements the platform is capable of supporting commercial solar system design up to 20 megawatts or more. Perfect for commercial engineers and residential operators seeking to complete commercial scale jobs.

More solar system design features

Choose your suppliers

Complete freedom of choice to work with any manufacturer, mapping app or finance provider, meaning you are putting your customers first and building a positive reputation in your market.​

Legendary onboarding & support

Complete onboarding and ongoing support by solar and battery professionals with real-world industry experience.

Online acceptance

Online acceptance of proposals with option for credit card payments or payment plans from finance providers

New subscription plans

Coming soon; new flexible subscription plans designed to grow with your business.

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