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Solar Battery Modelling Software

Solar Battery Modelling Software

Your complete battery storage sales and modelling solution

Win more battery sales with reliable energy and financial analysis to provide detailed, compelling proposals for residential, off-grid and commercial solar projects.

Design with confidence, sell with confidence using the most powerful solar and storage software solution available. 

SolarPlus features a fast and flexible design and quoting solution so that you can present your best storage offer selling across all levels of price, quality, workmanship and grid independence.

Accurate savings calculations

Present battery solutions with confidence knowing all factors are considered

For upgrades to existing solar power systems, SolarPlus factors in the cost of the battery installation, savings on grid energy, losses from foregone solar feed-in tariff, and excludes the savings of the existing solar.

Time of use tariffs, demand charges, tiered feed-in tariffs, and even premium battery feed-in tariffs can all be taken into account.

Upload 5 minute metre data for granular modelling of peak shaving to generate powerful visualisation of monthly peak power levels and savings. Drilldown to sub-hourly energy charts for confirmation of simulation.

With full control of grid charge times and SoC setpoints paired with battery export controls you can calculate savings across all TOU tariffs or set a discrete battery export rate.

All configurations supported

Including backup, DC or AC coupled and Off-grid

Assess the benefits of saving the battery to maximising self-consumption or set discharge controls for peak, off-peak or your own time ranges.

Auto-generated connection diagram for AC-coupled or DC coupled, Backup, and Off-grid with generator.

By modelling energy flow on the DC Bus, SolarPlus accurately distinguishes between DC coupled hybrid battery performance and AC coupled batteries.

Adjust the blackout frequency to accurately model the system performance when the grid fails, and take grid outages into consideration when calculating return on investment.

When it comes to off-grid modelling and design, SolarPlus is second to none. Learn more about SolarPlus off-grid software features here.

Peak Shaving and Energy Arbitrage

Make informed decisions about whether Peak Shaving and Energy Arbitrage will be suitable for your client, and find the optimal battery size.

Analysis tool assesses consumption metre data to identify the peak usage times and loads

Adjust the threshold at which the battery should start discharging to mitigate peak demand tariffs, and set the SoC at which to stop discharging the battery.

Set the battery to charge from the grid during off-peak tariffs, and even export in peak times, all the while keeping an eye on total energy throughput to avoid exceeding the energy limits of the battery warranty.

Advanced calculations

To understand battery performance, you can’t just use monthly average data like simpler platforms do. SolarPlus calculates energy flows hour by hour, and can even do 5 minute analysis. 

By using typical meteorological year weather data, SolarPlus can track and allow you to visualise the performance of a battery through extended periods of cloudy weather.

From module-specific degradation, surface reflectance, DC voltage drop, AC voltage rise, and soiling, and battery round-trip efficiency, SolarPlus can give a complete picture of whole-of-system efficiency.

Some customers require a high level of financial return assessment and SolarPlus provides exquisite detail of costs, incentives, savings and metrics to satisfy the most wary CFO.

Add EV smart charging, hot water and load shifting for a complex analysis of all site conditions including control of battery prioritisation. Build a picture to support high value sales with higher return on investment and profit margin.

As simple or as complex as you need

Whether you need access to advanced modelling tools to prove return on investment or you simply want to give your sales reps the ability to generate proposals fast; build your business your way with SolarPlus

More features

Choose your suppliers

Complete freedom of choice to work with any manufacturer, mapping app or finance provider.


Integrate directly with other tools like Hubspot, Xero and Google Calendar Flexible subscription model

Legendary onboarding & support

Complete onboarding and ongoing support by solar and battery professionals with real-world industry experience.

No lock-in contracts

Flexible subscription plans designed to grow with your business. Plans & Pricing

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