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Off-grid Solar and Battery Design Software

The world’s smartest off-grid solar design software

SolarPlus has everything you need to size, design and win commercial off-grid and residential off-grid customers.

Built by solar industry experts who live and breathe off-grid solar and battery design, SolarPlus is the only tool you will need for establishing yourself in the growing residential and commercial off-grid market.

The Off-grid Solar Market

According to PV Magazine, Australian off-grid residential properties surged from 809 in 2020 to more than 1300 in 2022, an increase of almost 70%. Likewise, more and more businesses are going off-grid as they abandon the high-costs of city sites.


With the average value for an off off-grid sale being 2.93x avg value of a standard sale (for both commercial and residential), off-grid solar and storage represents a highly valuable segment of the solar market.

Powerful, accurate off-grid design

Off-grid design requires a specific set of tools to size the solar, battery storage and generator components for a bespoke design solution. 

SolarPlus empowers you with design flexibility and powerful modelling to give you the control and feedback you need to get the best solution for your customer…and the right profit margin for your business.

The off-grid feature set includes:

  • A complete load sizing sheet for generation of seasonal consumption profile and surge ratings
  • Generator costing calculator
  • Reporting on generator runtime per month, battery maximum average SoC per month
  • Drilldown to view the simulation on a day-to-day basis, helping you to explain to your customer the performance of the system in times of poor solar

Easily demonstrate return on investment

Off-grid simulation of savings requires a specific set of features to reflect the energy flows for the design created.

SolarPlus allows you to build tailored load profiles and design systems large and small, residential, commercial and remote off-grid power systems, and to assess the diesel displacement savings, that is, the reductions in generator running costs including maintenance.

For customers weighing up the options of grid connection versus your off-grid power system solution, you can compare the two and show the savings, payback time and cashflow analysis.

The detailed financial reporting in proposals equip you with all the information you need to pitch the benefits with confidence.

Custom proposals designed to convert

It’s important for your proposals to uniquely reflect your brand and your selling proposition in order to close deals. SolarPlus software comes with complete flexibility in the way you present your off-grid solar proposals.


Generate compelling PDF proposal variations to meet the requirements of particular jobs or customer types, or present in an online format with side-by-side comparison proposals that help maximise your conversion rates.

And that's not all!

Not just for off-grid

SolarPlus is the only solar design software with the power to tackle off-grid, residential and C&I projects 20mw+. Click 'Who we help' in the main menu to learn more about residential and commercial features.

Job scheduling & tracking

Ensure nothing is missing in your sales or install workflows with end-to-end solar CRM tracking of all customer touchpoints.

Complete compliance workflow

Fully automated SLD creation, job packs, job safety analysis, and handover system manuals to keep your operation lean and maximise profits.

Legendary onboarding & support

Complete onboarding and ongoing support by solar and battery professionals with real-world industry experience.

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