SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Off-Grid

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Helioscope Alternative for Solar Design Software

SolarPlus vs Helioscope

Helioscope is a leading design and modelling software for C&I projects globally, however with the recent launch of Version 5, SolarPlus is now positioned to challenge that dominance. 

SolarPlus Version 5 represents a complete rebuild of the SolarPlus performance engine, empowering commercial and industrial teams with highly adaptable design solutions coupled with robust energy and financial modeling capabilities. This enables the swift generation of meticulously detailed and customised proposals, adhering to industry best-practice standards.

Compare Helioscope and SolarPlus features

When it comes to designing solar and battery systems for C&I projects, it’s important that the solar system design software you are utilising is powerful, accurate, fast and contains all the features that you require.

Helioscope has been the market leader for commercial solar design for many years, however with the recent launch of SolarPlus Version 5, there is a new competitor to Helioscope on the market that is really shaking things up.

SolarPlus Version 5 introduces a performance boost that has resulted in massive speed improvement for module-level modelling and in the generation of detailed energy and financial reporting. 

This means the platform now supports commercial and solar farm system design up to 20 megawatt or more (with capable computers for map processing). Even laptops can be used for C&I solar & storage designs up to 3MW  with performance modelling run in around 15 seconds. 

When this improved performance is combined with the other features of SolarPlus including a built in CRM, complete battery system design, built-in compliance guidelines, flexible high-res mapping options, 3D visualisations and proposal templates that are 100% customisable, it’s clear that SolarPlus is now the first choice for designers of commercial solar and battery systems.



Key SolarPlus features

  • High-res Mapping & 3D Visualisations

    High-resolution mapping options and panel rendering make it easy to produce stunning 3D visualisation that will inspire and excite your clients

  • Fast Panel Layout

    Quickly assess system sizing with support for a broad range of commercial panel layout solutions including row-to-row shade analysis.

  • Industry Leading Performance Engine

    SolarPlus V5 performance engine offers unparalleled simulation of solar, storage, & smart energy options to give you the greatest flexibility for assessing the best combination of solutions to meet your customer’s needs.

  • Built-in Compliance Guidelines

    With SolarPlus, commercial solar and storage design comes with best practice compliance guidelines built-in to support fast and informed decisions with even the most complex designs.

  • Multi Scenario Support

    Support comes for almost any design, on-grid or off-grid, and includes detailed analysis of energy, demand charges, as well as carbon emissions reduction so that you can build the best case for return on investment and lifetime payback.

  • Smart Energy Simulator

    The Smart Energy Simulator allows you to add load shifting, EV charging and energy arbitrage, providing the most powerful modern electrification reporting available anywhere.

  • Fully Customisable Proposals

    Generate compelling PDF proposal variations to meet the requirements of particular jobs or customer types, or present in an online format with side-by-side comparison proposals that help maximise your conversion rates.


It's easy to make the switch from Helioscope to SolarPlus

Everyday, we help C&I design engineers like you make the move over to SolarPlus. Just reach out to our experienced team of solar industry professionals to get started.

Why energy professionals love SolarPlus

"SolarPlus has provided design accuracy and reliability and an easy-to-use workflow that has saved me a lot of time."
Solar design CRM software
Quentin Bligh
The Natural Grid
"SolarPlus is an excellent tool and the team is a pleasure to work with!"
solar cutter installer
Alemar Energy
""Knowing that my designs are valid, compliant and look professional makes SolarPlus a no-brainer."
Andrew Lindsay
Signature Solar
"I always recommend SolarPlus to anyone coming into the industry. It’s the best solution on the market, hands down"!
Solar installers design sofware
Steven Zilm
EnergyPlex SA
"Honestly mate, your tech support is f***in awesome!!!!"
SolarCity NT
Neil Carberry
SolarCity NT

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