SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Off-Grid

solar system design


Feature rich solar design software for more sales and maximum profit.

SolarPlus is the only solar design software designed to cater to the varying needs of small residential installers, commercial engineers, off-grid designers and large retail teams. 

So whether you are sales rep who’s priority is generating quotes as fast as possible, or you need powerful energy and financial modelling for complex C&I projects, SolarPlus has all the tools you need for unlimited growth.

Built-in customer management

Your customers are your most important asset, don’t let poor communication ruin a potential sale.

From tracking to installation

SolarPlus features a built-in customer management system designed specifically for solar and storage businesses. Track your customers from initial enquiry right through to sign-off and installation, with clear insight into the hurdles and success of your team

Sync your leads directly from your website forms or integrate with other services such like Simpro and SolarQuotes

Google Calendar integration for full sales & install scheduling

Manage and communicate directly with prospects directly in the app and have clear insight into the status of each prospect.

Daily, weekly, monthly sales breakdown by user & status, cashflow projections, historical sales reports

Accurate site & energy assessment

Start each project with an accurate understanding of your customers needs

On-site or remotely

Every proposal begins with an assessment of the site’s ability to generate solar energy, as well as an analysis of the annual power needs of the household or businesses. Only SolarPlus gives you the ability to fully assess and qualify customers on-site or remotely.

Select from typical consumption profiles to generate performance estimates based on a full year of 30 minute sample data…or upload your customers’ own interval data for highly personalised performance and savings reports

Select from common tariff options or create a tariff to match your customers’ billing preferences. Even compare current and new tariff recommendations. Tariff structure include single or time-of-use options as well as block pricing and maximum demand options

Complete site assessment form for collection of data in the field

Powerful, flexible design

Generate impressive, accurate system design in minutes

When speed and accuracy is key

SolarPlus empowers your team to generate accurate designs in minutes with pre-loaded solar + storage system templates, string configuration guides and preloaded consumption load profiles and tariffs.

RoofMap, our new panel layout tool offers unparalleled visualisation and layout control and flexibility. Auto-populate roof surfaces with solar arrays instantly and assess potential capacity in seconds

Take advantage of the coverage of state map imagery at no cost or purchase a MetroMap subscription bundle for high image resolution and excellent colour enhancement to make your presentations look their best. Add to this the option for pay-per-site Nearmap imagery and you have the best of both worlds.

Massive library of all components, all brands, complete with specifications and brochures.

Pre-loaded solar + storage system templates, string configuration guides and preloaded consumption load profiles and tariffs.

Check the solar access and shading at any time of the year with a 3D viewer. With a range of panel rendering options and plotting of trees, you can set a scene and view it from any angle and capture a powerful layout image for your client.

AC and DC cable voltage rise/loss calculations with design limit warnings

Demonstrate the difference in performance between different panels and design scenarios with our advanced algorithm for modelling the solar cell IV curve

View a breakdown of system performance deratings from panel temperature loss to inverter clipping, ensuring you can make the best choices of solution

Everything you need for off-grid solar system design including detailed load profile builder, generator run time, DC-coupling configuration options and diesel costs as well as a unique comparison cashflow with grid connection

Outstanding financial modelling

Give your customers every reason to say yes, with clear, accurate, and relevant modelling.

Prove the return of your system design

The key to delivering the best outcomes for customers is demonstrating, with concrete financial data, how a decision to adopt solar energy can provide significant financial and environmental benefits over time, resulting in more sales for you.

Using weather & irradiance data within 10 km2 of your site, the SolarPlus algorithm brings world-class performance modelling to every quote.

Complete battery system design features including number of backup hours, lifetime energy throughput, peak lopping and grid charge.

Open up new sales opportunities by including savings modelling for hot water, load shifting & EV smart chargers and more to come.

Proposals designed to convert

Your business growth relies on consistently winning new customers

Consistently grow sales

The whole proposal generation process in SolarPlus is designed to ensure your sales team can respond at lightning speed with proposals that are professional, easy to read and completely unique to your business.

A workflow specially designed for sales teams to generate professional quotes within minutes and winning more sales

Compelling sales presentations that are easy to read and highly optimised to generate sales

Give your customers a number of different system options that they can easily assess the best option for their home or business.

Increase the value of a sale by adding by adding ‘Upsell Extras’ that appears below the quote area of each proposal

Each quote includes a profit breakdown calculator and options to set a price based on the job profit margin

100% customisable proposals and email templates so they don’t look like any of your competitors’ proposals

Online and onsite acceptance of proposals with option for credit card payments or payment plans from finance providers

Complete compliance workflow

The reputation of your business relies on successful and compliant installations on every job.

The devil’s in the details

Reduce call backs and dissatisfied customers with compliance built-in from design right through to manual handover.

Good design choices are made easy with sizing guides and warnings throughout the design process, from product compatibility to overcurrent protection to cable sizing

A complete install dashboard and installation workflow includes Job Safety Analysis, Install Job Pack, Connection Diagram, Site Map printout (including QR code link to Manual), and a full best practice commissioning checklist

One-click generation of the System Handover Manual packed with specific system information, all associated component documents, commissioning and compliance information.

As simple or as complex as you need

Whether you need access to advanced modelling tools to prove return on investment or you simply want to give your sales reps the ability to generate proposals fast; build your business your way with SolarPlus

Need more? You got it!

Choose your suppliers

Complete freedom of choice to work with any manufacturer, mapping app or finance provider.


Integrate directly with other tools like Hubspot, Xero and Google Calendar Flexible subscription model

Legendary onboarding & support

Complete onboarding and ongoing support by solar and battery professionals with real-world industry experience.

No lock-in contracts

Flexible subscription plans designed to grow with your business. Plans & Pricing

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