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SolarPlus is the most feature rich solar design CRM in the business. Designed to take you from simple solar and battery installation to complex home and business electrification.

Compare the value of affordable mapping, pro solar design features, slick proposals & massive time-saving on automation of documentation & compliance

Select the right plan for your business


AUD (ex GST) - Per Month on Annual plan or $220 monthly


  • Residential: 300 kW credit 50 x 6kW quotes /mth*
  • Commercial Scale-down, eg. 7 @ 100 kW
  • 5 User Accounts
  • Free Installer Users
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AUD (ex GST) - Per Month on Annual plan or $440 monthly


  • Residential: 700 kW credit 120 quotes /mth*
  • Commercial Scale-down, eg. 15 @ 100 kW
  • 10 User Accounts
  • Free installer users
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AUD (ex GST) - Per Month on Annual plan or $750 monthly


  • Residential: 1300kW credit 220 quotes /mth*
  • Commercial Scale-down, eg. 22 @ 100 kW
  • Unlimited User Accounts
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  • Unlimited users
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All prices exclude GST


*Residential quotes based on an average 6.6 kW – unlimited number of quotes per prospect included
** Usage average over 3 month period to iron out peaks

SolarPlus training plans from industry professionals

Our Quickstart and Kickstart setup and training packages help to ensure your team hit the ground running.

Solar CRM

SolarPlus QuickStart

$500 AUD

SolarPlus QuickStart training is designed to get small sales or installation companies up and running with SolarPlus as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We assist with setup of inventory and branding your account and provide training in the essential steps to getting quotes produced and into your customers’ hands.

Included in this training package is:

  • 1.5 hours of personal training delivered online
  • Population of the inventory up to 60 components and quoting items with wholesale pricing and mark-up
  • Creation of up to 8 system design packages with priced quote
  • Assistance in branding with your logo and company profile
  • Onboarding video series
Solar CRM

SolarPlus KickStart

$1,000 AUD

SolarPlus KickStart training is designed to provide introductory training to meet the needs of SME sales or installation teams.

Along with setup of branding and inventory for your account, we provide two training sessions to cover processes for efficient quoting including options for pricing models, management of system templates and quoting and installation workflow.

Included in this training package is:

  • Three hours of personal training delivered online
  • Creation of up to 20 system packages with priced quote
  • Premium phone support in your first month
  • Assistance in branding with your logo and company profile
  • Limited customisation of one proposal template
  • Population of the inventory up to 150 components and quoting items with wholesale pricing and mark-
Solar CRM

SolarPlus Custom


SolarPlus Custom Training is designed for more personalised training, delivered either in-house or online.

We can provide separate sessions for operations management, design and install teams, and sales teams as required.

Custom training will include all of the business setup support in the Kickstart package along with whatever level of team training you require.

We can provide in-depth training in solar+storage sizing and design as well as sales and quoting management techniques.

Ask us about pricing for face-to-face training at your offices, at our SmartEnergyLabs Training Centre in Healesville, Victoria, or delivered online.

Full list of features

Customer Management
  • Scheduling of appointments Google Calendar integration for full sales & install scheduling
  • Email tracking, notifications (email sync, SMS coming soon)

    Email history plus email piping of customer responses
  • Sales Reporting by User Daily, weekly, monthly sales breakdown by user & status, cashflow projections, historical sales reports
Trial Access
Trial Access
Energy Assessment
  • Upload of interval meter data

    Upload the customer's meter data for more accurate modelling. Many formats accepted: row to a day, vertical CSV format, any duration, down to 1 minute resolution.
  • Customisable load profile Adjust a consumption profile to suit your customer's usage habits for more accurate modelling
  • Off-grid load profile builder Powerful load assessment tool for off-grid design, allows you to specify for each appliance the load, time of use, seasonal variations, surge demand, and much more
  • Commercial demand tariffs Calculate savings made from reducing the customer's peak demand
  • Tariff Comparison Calculate savings to be made by the customer switching to a better electricity plan
Solar Design
  • Best practice string design configurator String sizing configurator with best practice compliance guides on power, current and voltage limits.
  • Product Library with ALL Brands Comprehensive Product Library with component specifications and brochures. New products added daily.
  • Design Quick Sizing Guide Recommendations on PV and battery size
  • System Pre-build Packages Perfect for sales teams, fully priced and detailed pre-builds to drop onto a site
High res maps
  • Free High Resolution Photo Maps (LINZ, QLD Globe, SA Gov, SixMaps)

    Your choice of high resolution aerial imagery from MetroMap, nearmap (subscription or pay per site), Six Maps, LINZ, QLD Globe and SA Maps.
  • MetroMap & Nearmap

    MetroMap - $50/user/month
    Nearmap - Bring your account over or pay $8 per site
Array layout
  • All New - Fast Panel Layout Tools Calculate how many panels can fit on a roof, and quickly adjust panel layout
PV modeling
  • Module-level Engineer-quality Performance Simulation Detailed performance modelling to show off the higher yield and lifetime savings of higher quality panels
  • High Resolution Radiation Data (10 km2) Combines data from weather stations with satellite cloud analysis to generate insolation data accurate to 10km2, giving site-specific accuracy
  • 5 minute Performance Modelling Resolution Ultra-high resolution performance simulation goes beyond hourly averages for accurate battery charge-discharge modelling.
In beta
In beta
  • Detailed PV Derating Reports Complete derating report for compelling commercial presentations and optimising your system designs.
Coming soon
Coming soon
  • System Upgrade Simulation Modelling of existing and upgrade systems with return on investment analysis
  • Monthly peak analysis

Storage modeling
  • Grid-connect, hybrid and backup configurations
  • Off-grid Calculate savings on Off-grid systems compared with full time diesel or grid connection.
  • Battery Peak Shaving Modelling Calculate savings from Peak Shaving with grid charge and TOU demand savings analysis
  • Battery Energy Arbitrage & Export Calculate income from exporting battery energy to the grid, and savings from charging the battery from the grid during off-peak to off-set peak time usage.
Smart Energy Simulator
  • Load shifting savings
In Beta
In Beta
  • Hot water diverter savings
In Beta
In Beta
  • Smart EV charger savings
In Beta
In Beta
Financial modeling
  • Power Purchase Agreement Proposals Generator or single bill PPA Savings & IRR Simulation
  • Lifetime Savings RoI Analysis Lifetime return on investment analysis with LCoE, NPV, IRR, LGC, year-to-year cashflow breakdown
Quote / proposal
  • 100% Customisable & Custom Branded Proposals Stand out from the pack with fully customisable proposals
  • Online Quote Comparison Shopping Cart Detailed quote comparison view for customers
  • Online Acceptance with CC payment, finance integrations Complete customer journey through sales, payments & finance
  • Upsell and optional extras Increase your revenue by offering customers Upsells, and give sales people guidance with a checklist of extras that may be needed on a specific job.
  • Formula pricing

    Use formulas to calculate installation and bulk panel costs
  • Order/Invoice with payments & Xero Sync Save time and avoid errors and missed payments by synchronising invoices to Xero
  • Install Job Tracking and Scheduling Dashboard Plan and track your installs with a customisable dashboard
  • Risk Management JSA/SWMS (PDF coming soon)
  • Install Job Pack & Site Map Printout Site Map with QR code to Manual + Install Job Pack
  • Commissioning Form & Owner's Handover Manual Best Practice Commissioning Report & Standards Compliant Handover Manual
  • Xero
Optional Add-on
Optional Add-on
Optional Add-on
  • SolarQuotes, WordPress lead form Integrations
Optional Add-on
Optional Add-on
Optional Add-on
  • MetroMap
  • Nearmap pay-per-site high res imagery
Own account or $8/site
Own account or $8/site
Own account or $8/site
  • Hubspot contact & deal integration
Optional Add-on
Optional Add-on
Optional Add-on
  • EnergyEase
  • Stripe credit card payments
Got some questions?

We aim to provide the fairest possible price that allows you to pay according to the value you get back through providing compelling quotes and winning sales. Whether you install large commercial or small residential solar systems, we have a plan to suit.

Our aim is to give you the tools to expand your business, and we’ll grow with you. Most of our revenue goes right back into platform development, that’s why we offer more features and more value.

We will reach out if you go over the kW limit over a three month period and you have the option to upgrade to a plan with greater quoting capacity. 

Our software is built to be “mobile & tablet” responsive, which means it changes its layout when viewed on different screens. Laptop or tablet are best, but phone works too for remote components such as Site Survey and Commissioning Form.

SolarPlus is designed to work well either face-to-face or for desktop quoting. You can even get quotes signed off on the spot using a tablet with our mobile responsive layouts.

Whether you are looking for some quick training to ensure you are up and going quickly or seeking a personalised onboarding process for your team, SolarPlus support offer a number of different programs.

Click here to view the options.

You can subscribe to SolarPlus with no lock-in contract and on a month-to-month basis. However, look at the Professional or higher plans for super low cost per quote. Also, huge discounts of 15% are available when paying annually.

For Australian clients, the quoted costs exclude GST but prices inclusive of GST will be shown at checkout.

Yes, you will get access to SolarPlus in minutes but we’ll also be in touch to organise assistance with your setup and training so that you can get productive with SolarPlus as quickly as possible.

Please join one of our webinars where the SolarPlus team will demonstrated the software features in detail and you are welcome to ask questions relevant to your business needs.

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It's easy to make the switch

Everyday, we help installers like you make the move over to SolarPlus. Just reach out to our experienced team of solar industry professionals to get started.

Why energy professionals love SolarPlus

"SolarPlus has provided design accuracy and reliability and an easy-to-use workflow that has saved me a lot of time."
Solar design CRM software
Quentin Bligh
The Natural Grid
"SolarPlus is an excellent tool and the team is a pleasure to work with!"
solar cutter installer
Alemar Energy
""Knowing that my designs are valid, compliant and look professional makes SolarPlus a no-brainer."
Solar design CRM software
Andrew Lindsay
Signature Solar
"I always recommend SolarPlus to anyone coming into the industry. It’s the best solution on the market, hands down"!
solar installation CRM
Steven Zilm
EnergyPlex SA
"Honestly mate, your tech support is f***in awesome!!!!"
SolarCity NT
Neil Carberry
SolarCity NT

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