SolarPlus Features

Powerful design, quoting, compliance and documentation features to save you time & money

Solar quoting toolFast quote workflow

Quick template & duplicate options

PV system design & configurationSolar + storage modeling

Powerful reporting of all benefits

Solar and storage design complianceCompliance solution

Design to handover, standards support

Solar PV sales proposal

Solar + storage SALES software

  • Sync leads directly from your website form
  • Select a listed consumption profile & tariff
  • Choose from system/quote templates 
  • Auto-fill roof areas with panels
  • Generate proposal in minutes
  • Customer sign-off on tablet


  • RoofMap, our new panel layout tool offers unparalleled visualisation and layout control and flexibility.
  • Auto-populate roof surfaces with solar arrays instantly or draw free-hand
  • Scales to commercial designs with ease
  • Choose from a range of imagery
Solar panel design tool
Solar PV performance modeling

Easy & sophisticated DESIGN tools

  • Select inverter and panels to see all configuration options
  • Guided by AU/NZ Standards and CEC guidelines
  • Cables sizing, isolator/fuse protection sizing given
  • Supports microinverter, optimiser, SolarEdge design
  • Scale commercial systems in seconds
  • Grid-connect, hybrid & off-grid storage options
  • Self-consume & tariff optimisation options

Class Leading New Features

We've packed Solarplus V3 with some incredible new features, saving you time & money, landing you more quotes everytime.

Consumption Profile Management

Select from typical consumption profiles to generate performance estimates based on a full year of 30 minute sample data…or upload your customers’ own interval data for highly personalised performance and savings reports.

Advanced Retail Tariff Management

Select from common tariff options or create a tariff to match your customers’ billing preferences. Even compare current and new tariff recommendations.

Tariff structure include single or time-of-use options as well as block pricing and maximum demand options.

All New High-resolution Performance Engine

Do you have 5 minute consumption data? Great!

Our performance engine models solar+storage at this resolution for the most personalised proposal.

Using weather & irradiance data within 10 km2 of your site, ours algorithms brings world-class performance modeling to your every quote.

Battery Sizing, Performance & ROI

Finally, a one-stop solar+storage design, performance and quoting system for today’s energy market!

SolarPlus V.3 supports all common battery models, inverters and configurations for detailed energy and savings reporting.

Get ready to transform your business to the next generation quoting solution.

SolarPlus v.3 - powerful, flexible, intuitive

Get ready to transform your business with the next generation CRM, quoting & documentation platform - SolarPlus V.3