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SolarPlus and HubSpot White Logos Integration

SolarPlus integrates with HubSpot – one of the most powerful CRM’s
in the market!

The integration between SolarPlus and HubSpot means you can automate manual tasks and improve customer communications. This best-in-class combination means that your sales and admin teams can work more efficiently and grow the business faster!

Empower your team with the tools they need:

  Set up powerful solutions that automates communications and reduces manual tasks

  Create compelling SolarPlus proposals and end  to end job compliance time-savers

 Set up detailed reporting dashboards on monthly sales, STC tallies and profit and loss

  Get better visibility on the breakdown of sales  pipeline reporting by components


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Our HubSpot integration tool is available to new and existing SolarPlus customers.

SolarPlus / HubSpot Integration Functionality

Two way contact sync between SolarPlus and HubSpot

Create a Deal when a Quote is sent

Sync Quote data and document links to the Deal

Update Contact and Quote status

How the SolarPlus / HubSpot Integration Works

SolarPlus HubSpot Syncing

SolarPlus / HubSpot Integration Example

FAQs About Contact Syncing

Contacts are synced from Hubspot to SolarPlus automatically every 5 minutes.

  • The Contact owner from Hubspot is identified and assigned as the ‘Customer Rep’ in SolarPlus where the same username exists.
  • When the new Contacts are added, that user is notified with an in-app notification with the number of new Contacts added.
  • The new Contacts appear at the top of the Contact list view ready for a new quote to be created.
  • The Dashboard ‘Leads’ counter widget can be used to get a view all of leads created today (set option for 1-day view).

Why energy professionals love SolarPlus

"Honestly mate, your tech support is f***in awesome!!!!"
SolarCity NT
Neil Carberry
SolarCity NT
"I can't fault the panel layout tools. Absolutely awesome!"
solar installation CRM
Steven Zilm
EnergyPlex SA
"SolarPlus is an excellent tool and the team is a pleasure to work with!"
solar cutter installer
"A very easy tool to use. Customers like the simple layout with all information that is accurate and easy to understand."
"SolarPlus is simply the best tool available to aid installers in achieving CER compliance!"
"The most comprehensive quoting platform available anywhere."

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