SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Off-Grid

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Get LINZ mapping free with SolarPlus

Take advantage of LINZ aerial imagery in your solar proposals! 

LINZ provides free aerial imagery that works seamlessly with SolarPlus proposals.

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How does LINZ Work with SolarPlus?

Create a seamless solar design workflow

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Take your quotes to the next level

Get the edge over competitors with NZ’s most current aerial imagery from LINZ in your quotes

Seamlessly visualise solar panel design

It’s as easy as plotting points on a roof and importing your solar system package

Game changing imagery

  LINZ is a game changing imagery option for New Zealand solar installers – you get imagery free. Compare that to other expensive imagery services and it’s a no brainer

Backed by SolarPlus Support

SolarPlus is here to help you get the most out of LINZ mapping for your solar system quotes and installations with training, webinars and other tips and tricks to help you produce solar system designs and quotes more efficiently

LINZ Imagery and SolarPlus System Design

Stunning proposals every time

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Why Use LINZ Imagery?

Free Imagery

LINZ is a no brainer alternative to other, expensive mapping software solutions.

Differentiate from your Competitors

View your potential solar installation sites and show your potential customers something they haven’t seen in other proposals.


LINZ Mapping Features in SolarPlus

High resolution imagery available

Orthogonal views for maximum accuracy

New Zealand’s most current aerial imagery

Using LINZ and SolarPlus provides solar professionals with the full extent of photo imagery coverage in New Zealand.

Use LINZ aerial imagery in your SolarPlus proposals! 


From Hard Work & Guess Work… 

To Professional & Compelling Solar Quotes

What our customers are saying

solar cutter installer

“SolarPlus is an excellent tool and the team a pleasure to work with!”


“I can’t fault the panel layout tools. Absolutely awesome!”

Steven Zilm
EnergyPlex SA

SolarCity NT

Honestly mate, your tech support is f***in awesome!!!!

Neil Carberry
SolarCity NT

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