SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Off-Grid


SolarPlus V4 CRM Solar Design Platform

Solar Sales CRM

Sales dashboard & quote pipeline to

keep your team focussed & goal-driven

Mega Solar Designer

NEW solar map tool – simple & intuitive

 on top, powerful under the hood

Onestop Integration Hub

Lead, scheduling, maps, accounting

SolarPlus Version 4 is live now!

Check out some of the amazing features designed to power today’s energy businesses, whatever your size

One platform, many functions. SolarPlus V4 combines the world’s most powerful energy simulation engine with end-to-end quoting and install workflows, and a sales CRM. Mega-bang for buck and packed with features.




Awesome new drag and drop solar array designer

Energy Consumption

Performance Reports

SolarPlus performs energy and financial simulation at unparalleled resolution and accuracy for the most compelling reasons to trust your company and buy from you.

Fit for Purpose Proof

You can’t sell a battery if you can’t show it’s fit for purpose. SolarPlus shows full modelling reports to show day-to-day, and lifetime, battery cycling performance.

Payment Terms

Set and forget – SolarPlus provides business default settings for everything from rebates to full payment terms so that quoting is fast and compliant.

Powerful energy & financial modelling

Terms and Conditions

Our Boilerplate Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer allow you to get Approved Retailer compliant documentation set up overnight. Terms cover everything from payments to refund conditions to complaints procedures as required for Code of Conduct compliance.

All-in-one Proposal

All of the most compelling reasons to buy are packed into a single, professional proposal document along with a complete quotation, terms, company profile, and contract.

Online Quote Acceptance

Within minutes, you can have created a detailed site specific proposal and sent this to your customer with all required documentation and a link for instant online sign-off and acceptance of your Terms and Conditions.

Check out some of the new features!

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SolarPlus - a Complete Compliance Solution

For over eight years, SolarPlus has been the quality benchmark for solar design & compliance.

Founded by industry veterans Glen Morris and Laurie Kane formerly in partnership with the Smart Energy Council, there is no more dependable, reputable Source to provide your performance simulation.

SolarPlus is committed to solar and storage best practice, is committed to providing the most reliable sales and installation platform globally, and is committed to helping you become a great solar success story!

SolarPlus Compliance Inclusions for Every Business

SolarPlus V4 features a full-stack compliance pack to take the pain our of compliance:
• Complete and transparent performance & financial analysis
• Boilerplate Terms and Conditions for out-of-the-box quoting
• Full design compliance guides
• Automated connection diagram
• Complete handover documentation

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