SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Off-Grid

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Winning Solar + Storage Sales - Stepping Up to Success in 2020

So you’re in a competitive solar marketplace. That’s every reason to be working on business growth for 2020 and beyond.

Time to ditch your much-loved spreadsheet and quick and dirty estimates and step up to the big league.

Here are 7 ways to pivot your business this year for profitability and value.

1. Better processes are key to profitability

There’s no better time to invest in improving systems. Reduce compliance overheads, streamline quoting and refine pricing models so that the busy times really pay off.

2. Demonstrate what better service means

Do you lead your sales pitch with a budget offer? Let customers know upfront that you’re looking for the best result for them in terms of investment to benefit. Tell that story in your proposals. They’ll respect you for it.

3. Show customers the value of solar yield

Module output is best bang for buck. But if your proposals are based on out-dated ‘average’ radiation data, other businesses deserve to win those deals. Make sure your modelling is best in class, like your service.

4. Know the value of storage…it’s not all in payback

Your customers are excited by storage and expect to know if it offers value for them. Make sure you can produce full solar+storage simulation and talk lifetime value. It’s easy…if done properly.

5. Invest in repeatability

It doesn’t need to break the bank – just an upfront investment in setup. But if you find yourself in groundhog day, labouring over manual tasks, something is wrong. Efficient repeatable processes breed success.

6. Stand out for what you stand for

Your proposals need to stand out and showcase the value you provide. Tell the story of your business and how you serve your customers better.

7. Do what you do best!

Systems, people, processes. Give yourself time for what you do best and partner with others for the value they offer. There’s no better way to win prosperity.

Is SolarPlus a Good Fit for You?

SolarPlus is all about delivering premium value. For you, for your customers.

While you’re doing what you do best, we’ll support you by providing:

  • The ultimate solar+storage modelling engine at your fingertips – powerful simulation with full system design and control.
  • The ultimate sales platform with unbeatable efficiency
  • The most compelling proposals to bring home the bacon.
  • The most complete range of compliance tools with handover documentation.

The most comprehensive solar and storage design, sales and compliance platform.

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