SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

Getting Started with SolarPlus

At SolarPlus, we want every User to know that we are in a partnership that is focussed on your success.

When you sign up for SolarPlus, we take an active role in ensuring that you get results, quickly.

An initial intensive onboarding process aims to get your account configured to allow you to get runs on the board as soon as possible.

We follow up with checkups and provide training opportunities regularly to provide every support we can.

Support ticketing and phone support is staffed during Australian (Victorian) business hours…but we often provide service outside of work hours.

Your success is our reward.


Upon completion of registration you have immediate access to SolarPlus via a registration key and link to create your login, You are advised to take some time looking through the Help Centre and Getting Started video tutorials.

Onboarding Phone Walkthrough

We call to talk through how you would like to approach the setup and timeframes for setup and training.

Inventory and system package setup

We populate inventory and system package templates based on information provided by you.

Branding and proposal setup

We assist with limited proposal customisation to brand the documents to your business.

Online Training

We book an initial online training session to take you through use of SolarPlus and assist with business configuration options.

Check-up and further training support

We follow up to check how you are getting  on and assess what further assistance may be required.


We provide free ongoing webinars to assist all Users in getting the most out of SolarPlus, including new features walkthroughs, tips and tricks for efficiency and demonstrations of quoting and install case studies.

Book a Demo

Fill out the details below for a one-on-one demonstration from our expert team