SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Off-Grid

SolarPlus helps you get started quickly and easily

The Only Solar Design Software and CRM designed for Solar, Battery, EV and more!

Start sending solar proposals with SolarPlus next week, not months from now.

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Solar startups love SolarPlus for our fast solar sales workflows and solar CRM efficiency


Solar CRM Efficiency

All customer management in one place. 

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Compliance Made Easy

Compliant solar system design, quick install & system manuals.

Fast Solar Sales Workflows

Prepare professional proposals and win more sales.

Start sending solar proposals next week!

Avoid the headache of slow processes. SolarPlus makes it easy to start sending residential and commercial proposals.

Enjoy powerful CRM and automation features to keep even the busiest install teams on top of their game.

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SolarPlus Dashboards

For the experienced sales manager, you're all too familiar with the uphill battle of convincing potential customers to invest in a solar and battery system. Countless objections are thrown your way, ranging from the fear of relying on renewable energy, the perceived high costs of solar and the familiarity of grid electricity.

Enjoy SolarPlus' automated sale-to-order workflow, invoicing, and sync to Xero!

Detailed financial analysis to identify maximum savings advantage featuring multiple tariffs compared, loan/lease/PPA, solar vs solar+storage savings.

SolarPlus is your complete solution CRM. Enjoy 100% customisable proposals and email templates with easy branding setup!

Complete Standards compliance workflows including compliant design checks, boilerplate T&Cs & one-click System Handover Manual.

With SolarPlus, you can install job tracking & calendar scheduling dashboard!

Massive Product Library of all components, all brands, complete with specifications and brochures

Check out SolarPlus' 10-minute modelling resolution for maximum battery cycling simulation!

SolarPlus is best-in-class battery modelling including drill-down to hour-by-hour modelling, grid charge and battery export!

Detailed commercial analysis including peak demand reporting, peak lopping, lifetime cashflow breakdown!

SolarPlus is the ultimate source-of-truth to manage your solar sales and installation workflow. 

Connect to all of your apps for lead generation, marketing CRM, payments, accounting and install field management with our integration packages

SolarPlus New Integrations

Why energy professionals love SolarPlus

"Honestly mate, your tech support is f***in awesome!!!!"
SolarCity NT
Neil Carberry
SolarCity NT
"I can't fault the panel layout tools. Absolutely awesome!"
solar installation CRM
Steven Zilm
EnergyPlex SA
"SolarPlus is an excellent tool and the team is a pleasure to work with!"
solar cutter installer
"A very easy tool to use. Customers like the simple layout with all information that is accurate and easy to understand."
"SolarPlus is simply the best tool available to aid installers in achieving CER compliance!"
"The most comprehensive quoting platform available anywhere."

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