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Quoting solar and storage projects has never been easier

SolarPlus is the industry standard design software that’s been extended into a complete job management solution.

We go deeper into every aspect of solar design, configuration and installation than anyone else.

Developed as a best practice design tool in partnership with the Smart Energy Council, SolarPlus and has benefited from the feature requests of all of our clients.

Over six years, it has been refined to solve many compliance challenges and to simulate in detail the energy and financial returns of residential and commercial projects.

Founders, Glen Morris and Laurie Kane, bring much industry experience to make SolarPlus the most practical, efficient and ever-evolving platform to meet the demands of our fast-changing industry.

Is your toolbox fully equipped?

  • Full PV and battery design and configuration
  • Off-grid and hybrid modelling and proposals
  • Monthly and annual demand charge analysis
  • High resolution lifetime energy and savings analysis
  • Upload of interval data time series, 10 min to hourly
  • Editable load profile charts
  • Inclusion of all common inverters, modules, batteries with all specs and datasheets
  • Selection of complete system templates with design, pricing
  • One-button full quote duplication
  • 2 x map options plus nearmap integration
  • Xero accounting integration
  • Online quote sign-off
  • Invoicing and payments
  • Grid charge and battery export set point modelling
  • CEC Approved Retailer Compliance

In 2021, which of these features can you do without?

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Discuss your needs to see how SolarPlus can work for you.

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