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The Big 3 Mistakes in Selling Solar

2020 is fast approaching and potential customers have more choice, cheaper options, and are better-informed.

To compete, solar installers need to have a quick turnaround on quotes and demonstrate the full value equation of solar and storage in proposals

Avoiding the top three mistakes in solar sales

1. Treating all customers the same

Segment customers based on what is motivating them.

Win them over with a proposal that suits where they are at.

Some people respond to facts and figures, and informative RoI charts.

Others respond to known brands, strong imagery and simple, clear reasons that solar has worthwhile benefits for them,

2. Putting quotes off until later

Prompt response with full proposals are MUCH more likely to convert.

If you are on the tools or working on site and doing quotes late at night, you are probably NOT the person who should be doing quotes!

Respond within 30 minutes and dramatically increase the chance of conversion.

3. Dumping on the cheap competitors before educating customers

In this industry we all know the dangers of cheap and shoddy installs and the temptation is to criticise and talk down the competition

Unfortunately, this doesn’t increase conversions.

The more effective path to a sale is to focus instead on educating the customer in benefits to them, key features that improve their performance and returns.

In this way they will be equipped to differentiate and appreciate the value in your offering.

So how do you demonstrate the best value of solar and storage to win the customers you REALLY want to work with?

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