SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

Top 10 Tips for Solar & Battery Storage Dealers in 2021

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As the solar industry continues to grow we, unfortunately, see an increase in the number of “cowboy” installers. To help reputable, high-quality solar installers stand out, we’ve put together 10 tips to help you win the sale and leave customers happy to refer you.

1. Respond as quickly as you can – conversion increases by over 100% when a quote is received in minutes.

2. If at first you don’t succeed… maintain contact with prospects for the long haul – research shows if a fast decision is not made, the average time to commit can be months after first considering solar. (nine months average sale time US 2013) Set up marketing channels to keep the relationship going.

Keep them updated with energy reports, new products on the market, or general tips about making decisions about a solar system.

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3. Don’t assume knowledge: ask and listen “What have you learned so far about solar and battery storage”. You may find out what other offers they’ve had and will be in a better position to provide a solution to fit their needs.

4. Resolve objections before they can be made: “solar is ugly” – show them a beautiful panel layout image, “the cost is too high” – show them the cost of doing nothing! Or offer a finance solution.

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5. Be a trusted energy advisor: provide a full analysis of clean energy solutions for their situation. Being able to compare before and after tariff plans will show that you understand their problem and can offer the best solution.

6. You need automation. Don’t rely on your memory. Get a CRM with tracking of all prospect touch-points and a daily To-Do list to let you focus on winning and satisfying customers.

7. Batteries are a winning choice for many customers and good profit for dealers. Give them the choice and show the value proposition beyond the hip pocket – including energy independence, carbon emission reduction, supporting the renewable energy transition. Show metrics of battery backup running time when the grid fails.

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8. Don’t compete on price. If a prospect mentions a cheap rate offered in ads or by competitors, tell them clearly: “We don’t offer a cheap service as cheap equals a high likelihood of regret, we don’t want that for you, we want the best likelihood of 25+ years of trouble-free clean energy.”

9. Build a reputation by exceeding expectations. A little follow-up post-install goes a long way to ensuring satisfaction… and increasing referrals.

10. Today’s customer is a future customer. Sell products suited to expansion and upgrades as the grid becomes more unstable and energy independence becomes more important. Keep old customers updated as new technology and battery storage pricing becomes available.

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Looking for more tips to improve your solar business and increase sales? We recently talked to Glen Morris from Smart Energy Lab about Winning in the Game of Solar. Watch the webinar here.

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