SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Off-Grid

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We’ve packed Solarplus V4 with incredible new features so you land more quotes every time.





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We’ve created some incredible options to help boost productivity and generate more leeds.

SolarPlus Kickstart Package

The Express Method
Get SolarPlus set up for your business and your team trained to work most efficiently generating quotes faster and better. Just select this option on checkout to boost your performance.

Web Form & Proposal Design Extras

Get more sales leads
Extend the capabilities of SolarPlus with automated customer form on your website and a slick proposal design to dazzle customers. Contact us after signing up to discuss these customisation options.

Batter Storage Training Courses

Exclusive Training
2-day and 4-day hands-on battery design and install courses with Glen Morris, complete with SolarPlus battery software introduction. Contact us after signing up to get details on upcoming courses and package pricing.

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We aim to provide the fairest possible price that allows you to pay according to the value you get back through providing compelling quotes and winning sales. Whether you install large commercial or small residential solar systems, we have a plan to suit. Our aim is to give you the tools to expand your business, and we’ll grow with you.

You will get a flag if you go over the kW volume limit over a three month period (quotes are averaged by customer, and averaged across three months) and have the option to upgrade to a plan with greater quoting capacity. 

Our software is built to be “mobile & tablet” responsive, which means it changes its layout when viewed on different screens. Laptop or tablet are best, but phone works too.

SolarPlus is designed to work well either face-to-face or for desktop quoting. You can even get quotes signed off on the spot using a tablet with our mobile responsive layouts.

Included this our Quickstart program is population of your inventory with components and pricing, setup of your branding and a one and a half hour one-on-one online training session. In your training we help you get up and running with system/quote templates so that you’re ready to get on and quote faster and sell more solar! Another option is to sign up with our Kickstart program to receive extra training and support.

You can subscribe to SolarPlus with no lock-in contract and on a month-to-month basis. However, look at the Professional or higher plans for super low cost per quote. Also, huge discounts of 15% are available when paying annually.

The quoted costs exclude GST but prices inclusive of GST will be shown at checkout.

Yes, you will get access to SolarPlus in minutes but we’ll also be in touch to organise assistance with your setup and training so that you can get productive with SolarPlus as quickly as possible.

Contact us and we’ll organise an online demo to show you the capabilities of SolarPlus and answer any questions.

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