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Watch our video for a deep dive into all the features of the SolarPlus software. Our hosts will take you through the the CRM tools for managing and tracking new customers and then a close look at the powerful solar and storage modelling tools. Finally our host will demonstrate the comprehensive compliance documents generated for each job.

the solarplus benefits

Built in CRM

Sync leads directly from your website form or integrate with other services and manage all of your prospective customers in the SolarPlus platform.

Fast Sales

Create your solar quotes in minutes with complete solar + storage system templates, fully priced… just one place for all your solar sales workflow and tracking.

Compliance Automation

Reduce the compliance load – SolarPlus aids in standard-compliant PV design and generation of handover documentation. More time for your priorities!

Powerful Energy & Financial Simulation

SolarPlus V4 brings you the future of energy modelling…the only way to see complete generation, demands and grid interaction.

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Key Features:

Super-flexible design options for on-grid, hybrid, AC-coupled, off-grid.

Affordable mapping with  an option to bundle MetroMap imagery with SolarPlus.

World’s best solar and storage modelling with detailed financial analysis and customisable proposals.

Product Library featuring every component & brand on the market.
Auto-generation of connection diagrams, install job pack, system handover manuals.

You can scramble and struggle… or you can focus on winning better sales,
and team up with SolarPlus to manage compliance.

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