SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction


Solar Design Software and Energy Proposals for Residential Solar + Battery Installers

residential System Design and Proposals

The Only Solar Design Software and CRM helping the entire energy-efficiency industry

Spend less time on compliance and admin stress and more time on running your business.

Create solar quotes in minutes with complete solar and storage system fully priced templates. 


Solar CRM Efficiency

All customer management in one place. Sync leads directly from your website form or integrate with other services and manage all of your prospective customers in the SolarPlus platform.

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Compliance Made Easy

SolarPlus comes pre-equipped with loads of compliance features designed to save time and stress.

Fast Sales Workflows

Ultra-efficient platform whereby quoting, sales and compliance are quick and done with ease.

For the experienced sales manager, you're all too familiar with the uphill battle of convincing potential customers to invest in a solar and battery system. Countless objections are thrown your way, ranging from the fear of relying on renewable energy, the perceived high costs of solar and the familiarity of grid electricity.

Detailed financial analysis to identify maximum savings advantage featuring multiple tariffs compared, loan/lease/PPA, solar vs solar+storage savings.

“I can’t fault the panel layout tools. Absolutely awesome!”
solar installation CRM
Steven Zilm, EnergyPlex SA

The Create Solar Quotes in Minutes

*Need content here: A workflow style explainer/graphic that shows the steps a dealer would take when using SolarPlus i.e. steps to creating a proposal for residential solar.*

SolarPlus Quotes

*Section for related residential solar + battery standards*

*How SolarPlus helps dealers meet compliance for each of these*


SolarPlus - powerful, flexible, intuitive

Get ready to transform your business with the next generation solar CRM, quoting & documentation software – SolarPlus

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