SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Off-Grid

OpenSolar vs SolarPlus

When your business is ready to need SolarPlus

Enjoy SolarPlus' automated sale-to-order workflow, invoicing, and sync to Xero!

SolarPlus is your complete solution CRM. Enjoy 100% customisable proposals and email templates with easy branding setup!

Complete Standards compliance workflows including compliant design checks, boilerplate T&Cs & one-click System Handover Manual.

With SolarPlus, you can install job tracking & calendar scheduling dashboard!

Massive Product Library of all components, all brands, complete with specifications and brochures

Check out SolarPlus' 10-minute modelling resolution for maximum battery cycling simulation!

SolarPlus is best-in-class battery modelling including drill-down to hour-by-hour modelling, grid charge and battery export!

Detailed commercial analysis including peak demand reporting, peak lopping, lifetime cashflow breakdown!

Enjoys easy system upgrade modelling and savings analysis with SolarPlus!

Check out SolarPlus' powerful high-resolution energy simulation for any system configuration, solar, hybrid, backup storage, and off-grid.

Solarplus offers a comprehensive upgrade in features when compared to opensolar

OpenSolar is a great tool, but what do you do when you need solar design software that is powerful and detailed enough to implement more complex jobs such as off-grid system design right through to the future of home and business electrification.


Plus, with SolarPlus you have complete freedom of choice to work with any manufacturer, mapping app or finance provider you like. That will open yourself up to a whole new side of the market, increasing sale and reducing costs.

No other software competes with SolarPlus for compliance.  With complete compliance workflows including compliant design checks, Job Safety Analysis & one-click system handover manual…call backs and dissatisfied customers will be a thing of the past

Signs that it's time to get a great solar crm to grow your business


1. Struggling with compliance issues

Compliance is important because it is a part of your organisation’s duties while building trust. Must comply with standards in order to protect people and your organisation. 

2. Customer service is falling down

A question to ask yourself is, what is your average response time? If you are not proactively working with customers, it is just about time to invest in a reliable Solar CRM tool for your team. 

3. Can’t keep up with sales

If you are struggling to keep up, you might need to invest in a great integrated Solar CRM solution. A good Solar CRM has solar sales done easy, from contact to payments. Quick and efficient



4. Customer management is messy

If you cannot locate all your customer’s information and data points, you will have no proper visibility in your sales’ teams activities. With this issue you’ll have to hold more meetings, find out the statuses and taking your team away from customers to see to the issue.

5. Reporting is difficult

This proves true if reports are still being downloaded into spreadsheets. This takes too much time to create and are most probably innacurate. A good report is compelling. Professional reports convert more solar customers.


what makes a great solar crm system?

A great Solar CRM is one that brings you a complete solar design software platform to win you more happy solar customers, save you time, and maximise your profits. 

Benefits of a good Solar CRM

Focus your energy to its best use with SolarPlus

With SolarPlus, you can focus your energy to its best use and lead your team to closing deals and bring all your essential solar installation admins tasks into one easy management platform…your great Solar CRM. 

SolarPlus is a Great Solar CRM

Fast quote workflow

Solar sales done easy, from first contact to payments

Solar + storage modeling

Compelling, professional reports to convert more solar customers

Compliance solution

Compliant solar design to
T&Cs & 1-click system manual

Battery modelling Images

better Solar modeling + storage modeling


Easy & automated solar DESIGN tools

world Leading solar sales Features

We’ve packed Solarplus with incredible new features, saving you time & money, landing you more successful quotes. Version 5 launches soon with more sales, design & modelling power.

Consumption Profile Management

Energy Consumption
Select from typical consumption profiles to generate performance estimates based on a full year of 30 minute sample data…or upload your customers’ own interval data for highly personalised performance and savings reports.

Advanced Retail Tariff Management


Select from common tariff options or create a tariff to match your customers’ billing preferences. Even compare current and new tariff recommendations.

Tariff structure include single or time-of-use options as well as block pricing and maximum demand options.

All New High-resolution Performance Engine


Do you have 1 minute consumption data? Great!

Our performance engine models solar+storage at high resolution for the most personalised proposal.

Using weather & irradiance data within 10 km2 of your site, ours algorithms brings world-class performance modeling to your every quote.

Battery Sizing, Performance & ROI


Finally, a one-stop solar design, solar battery design, performance and quoting system for today’s energy market!

SolarPlus supports all common battery models, inverters and configurations for detailed energy and savings reporting.

Get ready to transform your business to the next generation quoting solution.

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SolarPlus - powerful, flexible, intuitive

Get ready to transform your business with the next generation solar CRM, quoting & documentation software – SolarPlus V4

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