SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

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Financial return on investment modelling Solar Design Software
Jay Dillon

It’s in the data: How all customer objections can be overcome with good data

For the experienced sales manager, you’re all too familiar with the uphill battle of convincing potential customers to invest in a solar and battery system. Countless objections are thrown your way, ranging from the fear of relying on renewable energy, the perceived high costs of solar and the familiarity of grid electricity.

Winning in the Game of Solar
Laurie Kane

Winning the Game of Solar

In this article we will cover: How to avoid losing sales to competitors who deliver quotes faster, how to stop losing track of the status of each and every job, and how to automate your compliance documentation.

Toolbox TechTalk - Mothers Day Special
Laurie Kane

Toolbox TechTalk – Mothers Day Special

Why should you buy your mother a solar power system and not a pot plant? There’s some serious logic behind it. You might actually want her to have cheaper electricity but there’s going to be a discussion about the economics of solar.

Laurie Kane

Winning Solar + Storage Sales – Stepping Up to Success in 2021

So you’re in a competitive solar marketplace. That’s every reason to be working on business growth for 2021 and beyond.
Time to grow out of your much-loved spreadsheet and quick, late-night quote and present your company to prospects with professional presentations.

Laurie Kane

The Big 3 Mistakes in Selling Solar

2021 is fast approaching and potential customers have more choice, cheaper options, and are better-informed. To compete, solar installers need to have a quick turnaround on quotes

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