SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

Latest software updates – Aug 2023

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It’s heads down, bums up for our development team as they progress ever closer to the release of the much anticipated SolarPlus V5. In the mean time, the team have released some exciting new features:

Nearmap pay-per-site is here!
SolarPlus users now have the option to purchase Nearmap imagery on a site-by-site basis at $8 per site, giving an extra level of resolution currency, and accuracy for exceptional proposals.

Combined with SolarPlus imagery or MetroMap bundle, this offers exceptional value with no imagery data limits.

Once business administrators enable this feature, sales users will see a Nearmap imagery option appear on the design page. There’s no requirement to have your own Nearmap account.

Solar nearmap pay per site imagery

Massive Performance & Speed Update
Something that users doing commercial solar design and sales will appreciate. The SolarPlus development team recently unveiled a performance boost that has resulted in massive speed improvement for module-level modelling and generation of detailed energy and financial reporting. 

The platform now supports commercial and solar farm system design up to 20 megawatt or more (with capable computers for map processing). Even laptops can be used for C&I solar & storage designs up to 3MW  with performance modelling run in around 15 seconds. 

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