SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Off-Grid

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Selling solar is not an easy task, but with the right solar CRM you can make it easier. A good CRM can help you effectively address the prospect’s concerns and communicate the value of a solar installation from your company.

SolarPlus helps customers be effective in their businesses. We’re strong on evolving a product based on the requests of our users and we’ve now got 10 years of experience and requests from users for fantastic features. We focus on Australia and New Zealand but we do have a few international accounts because the whole platform is actually designed as a global solution.

Day to day, we talk with installers who are looking for a better solution for their business, whether that’s for quoting, workflows, accuracy or whatever it may be. We typically spend a day showing people through the SolarPlus platform, understanding their business and hopefully showing them how SolarPlus can be a great solution for them.

We have electricians and accredited solar installers on the SolarPlus team who have worked in the industry for over 10 years, installing hundreds of residential systems. Our accredited solar installers help with the technical aspect of SolarPlus product development and also training new users in how to use the product.

SolarPlus is used by a huge range of companies from very small to very large. We do have some companies with big teams including salespeople, designers and installers who use it on the job, managers using it for metrics and reporting. We have trainers as well. It covers systems from residential battery upgrades and small to large commercial.

SolarPlus Continues to Grow and Improve

We had a dream nine years ago that somehow solar could be easier to sell. Industries started to get more sophisticated, went online, and people started putting up web pages. Shopping via a web page was clunky. You’d have to manually process all the orders and call people back and get their credit card details, but now we have things like Shopify.

SolarPlus is a fully automated package so you don’t have to be an expert in everything. You can focus on what you’re good at and let the software do the rest – a complete package that does all the hard stuff for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact SolarPlus. We’d be happy to give you a demo and answer your questions about how SolarPlus can transform your sales processes for residential solar.

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