SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus Version 5 - Introduction

SolarPlus for Off-Grid solar system design and battery sizing

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SolarPlus simplifies the challenges of solar quoting, design, compliance and documentation to help more people switch on to clean renewable energy. Solarplus is the essential toolkit for design, sales and installation. 

There are businesses that are specialising more in battery storage or off-grid, or just offering a high-end range of products and services. Consumers are getting better advice at the same time that they’re shopping for solar or batteries, and they should expect good advice and not just a product.

There’s a lot of push and shove going on at different levels of the industry from the federal government to AEMO, which controls the NEM, the National Electricity Market for the East Coast and South Australia. Is there a good solution yet? There’s not really a simple solution. There’s a lot of challenges in managing the grid. On some levels, the efforts to charge for solar export have some logic to them. But for consumers, it’s not an attractive option, and it’s just pushing people to do more with their own energy.

There’s probably a good reason for consumers just to focus as much as possible on what they can do with energy external to the grid, and we are seeing more and more people going off-grid, or even just getting a system designed to be as far as reasonable off-grid, so that energy independence equation adds up. This means that they’re focused on doing as much with the clean energy they’ve generated as possible, and leave the grid to do its own thing.

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In software like SolarPlus, you can also model off-grid power systems which is quite a different game in many respects in terms of modeling. This is because you’re talking about a diesel generator as a backup and that’s one of the important things, knowing when a diesel generator is going to be coming online. In SolarPlus you can analyse the monthly run time of that generator. You can get a very good picture of the generator reliance, what sort of cost because generators are an expensive thing to run. Also just being able to look at that detailed view of load profile versus solar versus battery supply and battery state of charge.

We can look at the monthly consumption, the solar production and as a result the grid supply or in the case of an off-grid system, the generator supply and the generator run time. We can look at the solar export and having all of those metrics, measurements and details at your fingertips is invaluable if you’re pitching a system to a customer and it is important to be able to answer their questions.

Compare the value of affordable mapping, pro design features, slick proposals & massive time-saving on automation of documentation! Here are the SolarPlus plans.

More on the SolarPlus CRM and Solar Design System

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